The Power of Personalization

Do you want to drive successful outcomes while communicating to your targeted audience? ABGPrint has the technology, skill and toolkit to deliver win-win outcomes. Here is how:

1. Generating measurable business results. Without statistics we only have an opinion. We measure what is measurable so that we have intelligent points of reference. Data powers business.
2. Directing positive outcomes. The proliferation of customer touchpoints has led to increased customer expectations. The challenges marketers face in adopting effective personalization strategies to win, serve, and retain customers is relentless.
3. Target new customers and increase conversion. The ability to target new customers with campaigns that are relevant to them will attract more customers than conventional methods. Our research tells us that personalized communications results in six-times-higher transaction rates than non-personalized communication. Also, Chief Marketing Officers see creating more effective digital campaigns for new customers as a top goal of personalization.
4. Managing customer privacy. ABGPrint adheres to the strictest standards of using and protecting client’s privacy. Your confidentiality is our highest priority.

Personalization Targeted To One

The proliferation of devices and channels, such as mobile and social, has fundamentally changed the way that customers interact with companies and brands. This has led to what researchers call the mobile mind shift: the expectation that you can get exactly what you want in your immediate context and at your immediate moment of need..

Improving the customer experience is a top goal of both the growing business and progressive marketing teams. Customers today are empowered to expect more from the interactions and experiences they have with companies. If a company cannot satisfy them, they will go to a competitor that can. Personalization can provide those unique, differentiated experiences that are critical to keeping customers satisfied. For this reason, 25% of recent survey respondents rated increasing customer satisfaction as the most important goal of personalization, and 42% named it a top three goal overall.

ABG Combines Data and Print

Acquisition Cards with Unique Codes

Engagement Cards

Loyalty Programs

PDP Features – How to Influence and Persuade Others.

Personalized Data Printing (PDP) is the process of bringing a “one to one” approach to a “one to many” platform. With PDP, we can deliver completely customized marketing that’s unique to target prospects. We can insert your target’s unique code, name, demographic – anything you know about them – right into the text of a printed piece.

Changing out names and addresses is simple. Personalized data printing is the technology we use that allows you to manage unique codes, background images, colors, artwork and text based on different triggers. Print a different image on your offer for different types of customers. It also allows individual personalized codes to be inserted on coupons and gift kits. ABG has successfully managed complex campaigns with runs of 300,000 custom pieces.

ABGPrint creates value for clients by using high standards of quality. We see quality not as an act but as a habit of excellence. In addition to our strict data management controls, the company still produces beautifully printed images. We do this on a regular basis by color correction methods, image enhancement and file correction. Our leading technological adaptation is transforming our capabilities. What could have only been imagined in the past is now a standard service offering. Simply said, we care about our work and want to be proud of it. Our investments in people, process and technology has proven once again that only the fit will survive and thrive.