These are exciting times in the world of technology and manufacturing. 3-D Printing, also known as additive manufacturing is promising to allow producers to replace mass manufacturing with mass customization. 3-D Printing makes it significantly easier and less expensive to design parts with complex geometric and internal cavities. For example, GE is able to make jet engine turbine blades with cooling channels. Cooling channels allow jet engines to operate at very high temperatures; so high that blades without such channels would ordinarily melt.

3-D Fast Printing Technology is also allowing companies like GE, Boeing, and Lockheed Martin to produce parts such as engine brackets that are lighter. The weight reduction increases fuel efficiency. The speed of replacement with the economic benefits is a double win.

Innovation is exploding and transforming our future. For example, XJet Ltd., of Rehovot, Israel is suspending metallic particles in ink so that metallic parts can be printed going fast print technologies. It is crystal clear that the process will accelerate and streamline product development.

XJet’s NanoParticle 3-D Printer

The applications for fast printing technologies are at the beginning of the beginning. To be continued…

Written by James Reiss, September 25, 2017
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