Wars are horrific tragedies, and the most scarring legacy is the story of human loss and sacrifice. In the past decade, over 1,500 soldiers became amputees. The loss of limbs and/or other body parts is a daunting challenge as they involve many issues. Taylor Morris, a soldier who defended our country in Afghanistan is one such soldier. This is his story.

Taylor Morris, a native of Cedar Falls Iowa is the fifth quadruple amputee as a result of injuries sustained serving in Afghanistan. Neal Muzzy, a friend of Taylor’s, used 3D printing to manufacture a prosthetic hand for Taylor. Neal used Open Bionics’ Dextrus v1.1 design for the prosthetic. Neal is still looking at ways to further customize the design, a luxury available with the low cost of 3D printing. Taylor’s new hand can now be customized to further suit his needs.
Taylor Morris Receiving his 3D Printed prosthetic hand

Taylor is not the only Veteran injured on the field of duty. Over 900,000 soldiers have returned from Iraq and Afghanistan with similar wounds and scars. It is all we can do to help those who protect us.

Reserve Aid is a program that helps our soldiers, and ABGPrint is proud to support such a wonderful organization. It is a sad fact that many current and returning soldiers struggle to support their family, pay their car loans, or even pay for the surgeries they need from the injuries they sustained overseas. Reserve Aid is a non-profit organization that supports our troops in their time of need by paying for the surgery, helping with the mortgage or helping to pay for the repairs at their homes.

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Robert Hudson