ABGPrint.com’s President & CEO

Michael J. Mulligan, President and CEO, Advanced Business Group, Inc.

Michael J. Mulligan, President & CEO
Advanced Business Group, Inc.

Michael J. Mulligan is the President and CEO of ABGPrint.com, a company he founded 25 years ago.  Mr. Mulligan and ABGPrint.com have strategic partnerships with many leading New York City institutions, fulfilling their business needs quickly and seamlessly.

Mr. Mulligan has a keen interest in the ever changing media and communication field, and has a passion for lifelong learning.  In 2012, he was selected by New York University to receive a prestigious PRISM Award.  The PRISM Award was awarded to Mr. Mulligan for outstanding alumni achievement.    In addition to his academic achievements, Mr. Mulligan spent time in China and Israel, and brought his myriad of experiences there back to the company and ultimately the customers he serves.

Company Mission

Our mission is to bring our partners a total customer care experience.  We build all of our relationships on trust.  We trust in each other, we trust in our vendors, and we trust in the business relationships that we build. We rely on open and accurate communication with all of our partners.  Trust and precise clarity is what enables us to believe in what we do, and to always preform at the highest possible level.

Our reputation is sacred to us.  We have earned our reputation not only for the quality of work that we do and the sense of urgency at which we work, but we take responsibility for everything that we put our name on.  We go beyond what is expected.

Our culture is not an aspect of our business, it is our business.  We seek alignment in every relationship by listening, applying, modifying and satisfying.  We do not simply provide printing, we provide client satisfaction.

We do everything with our mission in mind.

ABGPrint.com is fiercely proud to provide a superior customer care experience, from initial phone call to final delivery, anytime, day or night.  Around the clock, on the dot ℠.


The ABGPrint.com Team

Fast Printing Technologies

For more than 25 years, ABGPrint has kept one eye on our cornerstone beginning and one on the future as the world has changed. In fact, the company and staff are transforming to handle the complex business environment. As we often say, the future arrived yesterday. The complexity of technology and speed of change has been demanding and we continue to evolve. Our goal is to make the experience with our clients to be seamless. We work, around the clock, on the dot ℠  to solve problems and protect our clients from disappointment. While we cannot say it is easy, we can say it is worth it. in fact, half of our top ten clients have been with ABGPrint from the beginning, more than 25 years ago. Our commitment is unshakable. We care, we deliver and we find a way to get it done. As we say at ABGPrint, onward & upward.