Personalized Data Printing (PDP) is the process of bringing a “one to one” approach to a “one to many” platform. With PDP, we are delivering completely customized marketing that’s unique to target prospects. We are inserting unique codes, names, demographics – right into the text of a printed piece.

Personalized data printing is the technology we use that allows you to manage unique codes, background images, colors, artwork and text based on different triggers. It also allows individual personalized codes to be inserted on coupons and gift kits. ABG has successfully managed complex campaigns with runs of 300,000 custom pieces.

Reaching your customers is our priority

ABGPrint creates value for clients by using high standards of quality. We see quality not as an act but as a habit of excellence. In addition to our strict data management controls, the company still produces beautifully printed images. Our leading technological adaptation is transforming our capabilities. What could have only been imagined in the past is now a standard service offering. Simply said, we care about our work and want to be proud of it. Our investments in people, process and technology has proven once again that only the fit will survive and thrive.

We see our job as protecting our client by elevating the bar on quality all of the time. At ABG, excellence is expected.

Written by James Reiss, August 30, 2017
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